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OTS - 69 CEE Companies Expand to Austria in 2023 (part 2.)

2024. February 27. 11:34
Vienna, 27 February, 2024 (APA/OTS) -
New legal form for startups strengthens the business location Birgit Reiter-Braunwieser, Director Central and Eastern Europe at ABA, is optimistic concerning investments in Austria in 2024. "Austria has developed an enormously dynamic startup ecosystem in recent years. The flexible company (FlexCo), the new legal form of business, makes Austria even more interesting as a business location for founders and startups. Since 1 January 2024, it has been possible to establish such a flexible and internationally competitive corporation. The flexible company is particularly attractive in the early phase and is oriented to the needs of founders. In addition to simplified corporate regulations, the focus is on ensuring attractive employee participation in the success of the company, an important factor for young firms aiming to win the loyalty of highly sought after skilled workers," Ms. Reiter-Braunwieser explains. Stable business environment and DACH test market Tamás Tar, owner of Procyberconsult GmbH, a cybersecurity company from Hungary, supporting businesses across the DORA or NIS2 compliance journey with the best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions, describes the advantages for his company of operating in Austria. "We discovered an efficient market and a stable business environment, and the process of establishing the company already proceeded very smoothly. It is a significant advantage for companies in knowledge-intensive sectors to have highly qualified employees available, and we have several well-trained engineers to choose from. Austria is also a good opportunity for further expansion if a company intends to enter the German or Swiss markets later on," he states. Austria is characterised by a high level of purchasing power throughout the country. The capital city of Vienna ranks among the most prosperous regions in Europe with an economic output of approx. 150% of the EU average. "Due to the manageable size of the Austrian market, it is possible to test products and services here without making overly high investments. Accordingly, Austria is a test market for the entire DACH region of about 100 million consumers. Moreover, there are a large number of people in the country with a command of CEE languages due to the historic ties to and immigration from Southeast and Eastern Europe," says Ms. Reiter-Braunwieser, emphasizing the advantages of Austria's position in Europe. The Polish MLP Group builds green logistics parks and will construct the first urban logistics and business project on the Austrian market in the near future. Radosław T. Krochta, CEO & President at MLP Group, comments on the business location advantages in Austria: "The flourishing Austrian market is playing an important role for us in our further development and complements our portfolio of modern commercial and logistics space on the German market, which is of major importance for our international expansion," Mr. Krochta states. About the Austrian Business Agency (ABA) As a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy (BMAW), the Austrian business location consultancy Austrian Business Agency (ABA) strives to make Austria attractive to international companies, top talents and film producers. With its three business areas INVEST in AUSTRIA, WORK in AUSTRIA and FILM in AUSTRIA, ABA consults and supports international companies, skilled workers and film producers at no cost regarding all issues relating to the business, research and work location as well as to Austria as a film location. >> We simply make it easy. Contact: Thomas Schweinberger Public Relations Tel.: +43 1 588 58-462 Mobil: +43 676 898 590 62 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Az OTS internetes oldalán található hírek, közlemények, fotók a forrásmegjelöléssel (OTS) szabadon és korlátozás nélkül felhasználhatók. Továbbközlés esetén a közzétevő köteles az átvett anyagot tartalmának torzítása nélkül, félreérthetőséget, rosszindulatú következtetéseket kizáró, az eredeti szövegkörnyezetnek megfelelő módon feldolgozni és megjelentetni. Az OTS hírek nem képezik az MTI hírkiadás részét, az MTI által szó szerint továbbított tartalomért minden esetben a beadó a felelős. © Copyright MTI nonprofit Zrt. Az OTS szolgáltatással kapcsolatban további információt a (06-1) 441-9050 telefonszámon vagy a elektronikus levelező címen kaphat.
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